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      Black gold dog food benefits are:  The product is 90 percent digestible, so you will feed the dog less, it is 52 percent meat. We have many different choices to suit the dogs need.
      Black gold dog food uses human grade fat in their products, this helps the dogs metabolize energy for their skin and coat. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. We also offer superior quality cat food.

     Our 28/17 Large Breed Puppy Formula, recommended for larger breeds, has a tighter calcium to phosphorus ratio than adult dog food.  It is recommended for lactating females from 2 weeks prior to whelping until after weaning. It is also recommended for all breeds of puppies from 10 days old until weaning or up to 1 year of age. The formula is designed for medium to large performance breeds to develop growth at a slower pace and minimize obesity. This reduces early skeletal damage to joints and pasterns.

Size 20LB   Current Price $24.00 tax included

     Our 32/21 Ultimate Puppy Formula, recommended for small breed puppies. Puppies, like babies, have special nutritional needs during their first year and should have their own special food to meet those needs. Black Gold Signature Series Ultimate Puppy Food provides concentrated nutrition with all the proteins, vitamins and protein enriched minerals an active puppy needs. Controlled levels of fat, calories and calcium support developing bones and teeth. Crunchy kibble provides great taste, excellent chewing exercise and helps clean teeth.

Size 20LB   Current Price $24.00 tax included
Size 40LB   Current Price $45.00 tax included


     Is your dog having a bit of a weight problem? Not feeling his best because of age?  Our 21/8 Kennel Blend is a lower protein, lower fat maintenance product for low activity dogs, older adult or geriatric dogs, overweight dogs or dogs who are kept on a self feeder. Does not meet AAFCO guidelines for puppy food.

Size 50LB   Current Price $32.00 tax included

     Our 25/14 Ultimate Adult is Black Gold's first corn free, soy free, and wheat free formula. The single source protein is chicken meal, No corn, No Wheat, No soy. This nutritious quality ingredient along with rice, barley, whole eggs and naturally preserved chicken fat assures the ultimate in palatability, digestibility, a shiny coat, plus the vitality and overall good health every dog deserves.

Size 40LB   Current Price $42.00 tax included

     Our 26/18 Performance Blend is recommended for all breeds and ages of dogs with high to extremely high activity levels i.e.; field trial conditions, long hours of accelerated activity or stressful conditions. Can be used as a daily ration regardless of activity levels but quantities should be graduated downward for low activity dogs.

Size 20LB   Current Price $23.50 tax included
Size 50LB   Current Price $36.50 tax included

     Our 24/20 High Energy is recommended for adult dogs with extreme activity levels, for dogs in competition for finicky eaters, for dogs being worked in extremely cold weather or other adverse conditions or for show dogs that go off feed when traveling. Daily routine use without high activity is not recommended.

Size 50LB   Current Price $38.50 tax included

     Our 30/20 Super Blend is super for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds that need that ultimate next step in an "all natural" diet. Select grade ingredients, 30% highly-digestible protein coupled with 20% human grade fat will assure optimum nutrition for that special family member during their active years. Not recommended for geriatrics or seniors.

Size 40LB   Current Price $35.00 tax included

     Your friend not feeling so hot? Our 23/14 Lamb Meal & Rice is a highly digestible product with a protein & fat ratio that is suitable for all normal activity dogs. Lamb and Rice formulas are recommended by vets for dogs that experience digestibility problems, skin conditions or food allergies that require an alternative protein source. This blend also meets required AAFCO guidelines for a quality puppy food.

Size 40LB   Current Price $37.00 tax included

     Our 23/16 Professional Blend is a popular formula of lower protein that still packs high metabolized energy through the use of quality fats. Increased levels of rice and lower protein keeps the heat calories down that are generated by high protein formulas with  corn as a major carbohydrate source. This is an advantage for some dogs in competitive or high stress situations.

Size 50LB   Current Price $35.75 tax included

     Our 24/12 Trainer's Blend is the same formula as the Black Gold 26/18 Performance Blend except cut down in protein and fat levels for lower activity, hot weather, or off -season. Metabolized energy generally runs 200 calories per pound less than the 26/18. This is a maintenance class product and is not recommended for puppies.

Size 40LB   Current Price $34.00 tax included


     Our Blended Premium Cat Food is multi flavored chicken, turkey, tuna and liver flavors. Black Gold Blended Cat Food is a savory blend of natural flavors your cat will love. Quality ingredients selected for their nutrient bio-availability are combined in just the right amounts to provide all the protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your cat needs. Our independent pet testing assures 100% complete and balanced feline nutrition.

Size 20LB   Current Price $24.00 tax included
Size 40LB   Current Price $45.00 tax included


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