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     My Pet tub can be reached on both sides so there is no need for your pet to be twisted and rotated during his bath It also has stairs for the dog to walk into the tub. The grooming table is mounted to a turn table so there is no need to twist and rotate your pet. I have a very gentle way with the pets and I am the only groomer and the only person handling them every time. Your pet becomes calmer and confident as they know what to expect with each visit.

     I use a natural tick and flea shampoo as well as a conditioner rinse. If you would like to see referrals, I have a rolodex full of satisfied customers. Many of my customers are on their third and fourth generations bringing their special family friends to me.
     Grooming charges start at $20.00 and increases depending on conditions of the pets coat and or lack of previous grooming as well as difficulty with temperament. When you bring in your pet for the first time, I will fully discuss what is required and initial grooming fees.


     Kennel service has a daily rate of $10.00 per day from the smallest breed to the size of a Cocker Spaniel. Dogs larger than Cocker Spaniel are charged at a rate of $12.00 per day.

     All Grooming and Kennel service is by appointment only. Please call for availability and directions. Regular hours are from 9am to 5pm.

     Terrie: 208-660-4878

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